Public Works

This project Instruction Sets for Strangers is so titled because of the assignment's prompt to create an installation in a public space that would incite an interaction between strangers. To reach the goal, My two partners and I would set up two LED-lined cardboard cutouts taken from a popular mural in the Lower East Side. Participants were invited to become a part of the mural and engage with their surroundings more. 

Role: UX/UI design/research, concept design, setup




I have a passion for creating games and interactions that can be tools for teaching and learning a variety of topics; anything from hand-eye coordination to culture and identity can be explored through games!


joind (pronounced "joined") is a texting-adventure game I developed for the National Holocaust Museum in D.C. along with collaborators Ren Du, and Pornsima. We were challenged with creating a game for teens to explore the complex lives of teenagers growing up under Nazi regime as well as topics like the bystander effect and activism. In joind, players navigate through the game by texting the characters in the stories we've created.

Role: project manager, head writer, UX/UI researcher

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Tornado inspired forms I created in OpenFrameworks

Below is another iteration on that also created in OF



 My Hair Studio is a digital  game I made using P5js (javascript-based language) for children ages 5-7. The game is a tool for teaching and learning about how to approach the ethnic and cultural differences between us with respect and kindness. I chose hair as the subject of the game because it is one of the first differences we notice between us, and there are so many cultural practices around hair around the world. I also did all of the illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. 



Siren is a game where a siren destroys incoming ships with her voice. I built the game in Unity and used an add-on called Uniduino to communicate with my Arduino. A mic in the Arduino takes voice input so the player can use their voice as a sort of controller. Because the game has a female protagonist whose back is turned to the player and takes in voice input instead of key input, Siren became a fun twist on the traditional first-person shooter game.



Projection Mapping


For the Neon Head Project, I used MadMapper to project my animations (drawn in Illustrator) onto a mannequin head. It was a really fun experiment, and I see it having a multitude of applications. 



Global Design


I was fortunate to take a design class which entailed traveling to Gujurat, India to work with engineering students at the Indian Institute of Design in a  "design jam" called Design for a Billion.

The (very daunting) challenge was to design a scalable, long-term solution for low-resource government schools around India. We responded with Marble Jar which proposes Introducing task-based activities  -- that encourage community-building, self- discipline/respect, and curiosity -- into the classrooms of low-resource public schools around India.

Role: project manager, UX researcher (interviewer, etc), communications, PR

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